24 June 2024

There's nothing quite like being welcomed by a friendly face when you enter a hotel for the first time. Or, even better, being greeted by someone who remembers your name, your favorite room and your favorite mineral water when you are back time and time again,


... someone who has decorated the hotel rooms with comfort and style so that you can relax,

... someone who serves a steaming hot coffee or a cold beer, as you prefer, to refresh you,

... someone who prepares and decorates breakfast buffet in the morning with love, arranges crisp rolls, bread, eggs, fresh fruit and many other delicious things to give you the energy you need for the day,

... someone who makes sure everything is running smooth and relaxed during your business meeting or seminar so that you can concentrate on your agenda,

... someone who does all this easily and affectionately, with a smile that tells you he loves what he is doing ...

Let us be your hosts at the Classic Hotel - feel at home!

Kaarst Info
Time:  22:44
Mon, 24.06.  25°C 
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Centre 12.0 km
Fair 12.0 km
Trainstation 13.0 km
Airport 13.0 km
Freeway 0.6 km
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